My fiance and I want to register at a travel agency for a honeymoon. Is this appropriate?

QuestionMy fiancé and I are getting married and are thinking of registering at a travel agency, with the intent of going on a honeymoon. We have bought a house and have everything we need. Is this appropriate or will our guests be offended?

AnswerYour idea may seem slightly on the more innovative side, but in terms of wedding etiquette, it’s perfectly fine! In fact, some travel agencies are now equipped with this gift registry option.

There are different ways you can do this to make it easier for your wedding guests. If you decide to register at a travel agency, choose one that is easy for most of your wedding guests to access, either with multiple franchises or a phone-in/internet option to contribute to his wedding travel gift fund. Alternatively, some department stores may have a travel bureau where you may also be able to register for your honeymoon.

Now, with all that being said, some more crucial wedding etiquette lies in how your guests find out about your travel registry. Know that it is not acceptable to include your wedding registry on the wedding invitations. If you are having a bridal shower, it can be indicated on the shower invitation. Close family and friends can let your guests know about your travel registry. By politely explaining that you both really have all you need in the new home, guests will be more receptive to this more novel idea.

Remember, although you want a travel registry, your wedding guests may or may not decide to go that route. Some may offer a monetary gift at the wedding while others will opt for a more traditional wedding gift and that is completely up to them. As always, graciously accept all wedding gifts.