Kiddie favour ideas

QuestionFor our wedding favours, we will be giving mini bottles of wine to the adults. We would like to give something more appropriate to the children who will be attending the reception. What would you suggest?

AnswerIt is very considerate of you and your fiancé to have something special for the children at your reception.

Consider giving the children cellophane packages of goldfish crackers or different types of cereal (e.g. mix of Shreddies, Cheerios, and raisins). These yummy packages may help ease hungry tummies of young ones who are ready to eat before the food is served. This would be a particularly good idea if there are many speeches before the courses are served. Stay away from overly sugary combinations and make sure your food packages are free of all nut products.

Another idea would be to create quiet activity bags for the children (e.g. cool pens and crayons, activity sheets of favourite cartoon characters). The gift of a children’s book would also be appreciated by parents.