Is it proper to send shower invitations before wedding invitations?

QuestionWhat is the etiquette for sending shower invitations? Can they be sent before the wedding invitations?

AnswerTraditionally, wedding invitations usually do go out first before the shower invitations. However, it all depends on the circumstances surrounding the wedding.

When the shower invitations are sent really depends on when you are having the bridal shower. It’s best to send shower invitations approximately 2-3 weeks before the party to allow guests time to respond as well as clear their schedule. Depending on how soon you are having the bridal shower after the announcement of the wedding (e.g. if the bride is going to have numerous showers or is going on vacation), it is quite possible that the shower invitations will go out before the wedding invitations. Keep in mind, some showers are complete surprises so the bride may never know when those shower invites get mailed!