Is it okay to have a wild hairdo for my wedding?

QuestionI just got engaged and I’m thinking about possible hairdos for my wedding. I’ve always been a lover of the latest fashions and I want to go for a wild hairdo for the wedding. Let’s say, both mothers are less than impressed. I say, it’s my wedding, I should decide. What do you think?

AnswerYou’re right, it is your wedding, your hair, and you do have the final word on how you’d like your hair to be styled. At the same time, weddings do have a more traditional aura to them and thus the concern by both mothers. To appease both sides, here are some things to ponder before making this decision.

Have a look back at your old photos with different hair styles. How do you feel about them now? As we grow and experience different events in our lives, our perspectives will be altered so that things you once loved may now only be faint memories.


The hairstyle you choose, will it be one that will stand the test of time? Have you had a make up and hair trial to see how the two combined elements fare together? Will your hairstyle match the tone and feel of the wedding? What does your fiance think?


Remember that your wedding day will be captured by your wedding photographer. Imagine, ten years down the road, sharing the photos with friends and family. How will you feel?
After asking yourself all these different questions, you should be able to narrow down a hair style that will be ideal for your wedding day.