Is it appropriate to send bridal shower invitations to out of town guests?

QuestionI have friends from out of town that I’d love to have at my bridal shower, but is it appropriate to send them an invitation considering they are out of town?

AnswerFor out-of-town guests, it’s really your choice if you want them to be invited to the bridal shower or not.

Know that if you do invite them, it is possible that they may not be able to attend but may also send along a shower gift. Your out-of-town guests can take this gesture in two different ways. Some guests may feel that the shower invite was simply a way to get another gift. On the other hand, it could be perceived as a “I really want you to be there but know you can’t make it. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you”.

To make sure there isn’t any question of your motive, what you can do is attach an additional little note for your out-of-town guests that says, “I know it’s a far distance for you to travel, but I thought you may want a copy of the invite as a keepsake. See you at the wedding!” or something along those lines. Otherwise, your other option is to simply send them a wedding invite.

Since they’re your friends and family, you will know them best. Some may live close enough that the travel to the bridal shower won’t be much of a hassle. Others may find the trek difficult. Decide based on what you think will work best for them.