Is a cash bar acceptable?

QuestionMy fiancé and I are paying for the wedding and we are on a tight budget. He is thinking about having a cash bar at the reception. I would rather cut down our expenses elsewhere than have a cash bar. Is having a cash bar even acceptable or is it considered rude?

AnswerMany couples, for a variety of reasons, are opting to pay for their own wedding. While traditional wedding etiquette points to the host as the supplier of all drinks, many budgets may not be able to accommodate such a grand scheme of hospitality. Thus, the evolution of the cash bar.

There are several other alternatives that you may want to consider if you are less than comfortable with having a cash bar at your wedding. Your suggestion, to reduce expenses elsewhere, is just one of the many possibilities.

Another solution would be to provide a limited selection of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Try exotic, yet inexpensive, drinks to add originality to your wedding reception. After all, the unique touch is often more memorable than the typical.

This would be a courteous gesture to your guests who have given, not only shower/wedding gifts to you, but more importantly, have devoted their time and thoughtfulness for your wedding day.