If the groom has not lived with his parents for many years, do the parents of the groom have to pay for the wedding?

QuestionThe groom is our son and he is getting married but he has not lived with us for many years. Do we, as the parents of the groom have to pay for anything or would it be acceptable for us to just give a cash wedding gift?

AnswerTraditionally, it is the bride’s family that covers the cost of the wedding but different families and cultures may divide up the wedding costs differently. Some couples prefer to pay for the wedding themselves and would appreciate the cash wedding gift. Others may have hopes that the parents will help to cover the cost of the wedding.

Have a chat with your son regarding a cash wedding gift which will help to contribute for the wedding expenses. As the groom’s parents, there are certain things you can do as well. The groom’s parents can host an engagement party (after the bride’s family has hosted one), pay for the groom’s formal wear, your formal wear, although this is not a sole responsibility of the groom’s parents but one of the groom and his family. Thus, it is important to have a chat with your son to decipher his hopes and wishes as well as yours.