If the families are meeting for the first time, should we bring a hostess gift?

QuestionI will be attending an engagement party and this will be the first time that the bride and groom’s family are meeting. The engagement party is being hosted by the bride’s parents at their home. As I am on the groom’s side, should I bring a hostess gift?

AnswerA hostess gift for the bride’s parents would be a very thoughtful gesture from you. While not mandatory, since it will be the first time the families are meeting (and thus, your first time at their home), it would be a very courteous gesture from you.

The gift does not have to be elaborate or expensive; a nice bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine with a card, for example, would suffice nicely. Or, if you happen to know the family loves sweets, bring dessert! Think of it as a nice ice breaker, a way to say, “Hello and welcome to the family!”.