I have two maids of honour. Who should sign the marriage certificate?

QuestionI am planning on having two maids of honour in my wedding party because I have two best friends who are equally important to me. I’m trying to figure out who to sign the marriage certificate as a witness.

AnswerWho to sign the marriage certificate? Now, that’s a tough one when you’re equally close to both women. Ask if they have a preference. Who have you known for a longer period of time? Are you related to either one of them? You can also choose whoever is physically closer to you, in proximity, at the time of the signing on the wedding day. If one is holding your wedding bouquet and your purse, it may just be easier for the other maid of honour to sign the marriage certificate.

Some other suggestions:

  • While the signing is taking place, you can also have an extra memory book for all of your attendants to sign their names. This way, no one will feel left out and it will make for a great photo moment.
  • While one maid of honour signs the marriage certificate, have the wedding photographer take a photo of the signing. Then, switch places with your other maid of honour and ask for a similar photograph to be taken. That way, although only one name is on the marriage certificate, the photos will symbolize the significance of both women to you.