I have a party for friends after the honeymoon?

QuestionThis will be my second marriage and my fiance’s first marriage and I’d like to have a small intimate wedding ceremony with immediate family only. I’m worried our friends may feel left out. Is it proper wedding etiquette to have a party for our friends after we come back from our honeymoon?

AnswerYou have raised a question that many brides have asked in the past, each with a slightly different twist. As your friends, they will understand that you’d like to have a small intimate wedding ceremony. It is your wedding and you are certainly entitled to plan it as you see fit. At the same time, it is understandable that some may feel ‘left out’ because they would like to be there for your very special day.

A little tact goes a long way. Genuinely thank them for their thoughts and well wishes and let them know that both you and your fianc? have decided on an intimate wedding that with immediate family only.

In terms of the party after the honeymoon, why not! By then, you may have some photos developed that can be shared with your friends at the party. Make the party as relaxed or as formal as you’d like.