How do you thank someone for a gift you don’t want?

QuestionI am writing thank you cards for my wedding gifts. How do you thank someone who gave you a gift that you want to return or exchange without having to lie and say that you love the gift?

AnswerWriting thank you cards can be a difficult task, especially when you’re not quite sure what to say about the wedding gift. Here are a few simple rules when it comes to writing a thank you card for a gift that you aren’t too excited about.

Begin by naming the gift. (e.g. “Thank you for the air filter.”) Next, if possible, touch on how you’ll be using that wedding gift. Try to find something positive to say. You can then add a personal thought about your wedding which relates back to the relationship you have with him/her.

In essence, your thank you card may sound something like this:

“John, Thank you for the air filter. What a surprise! (or any other general phrase, such as, “What a generous gift!”) James and I really appreciate your originality and thoughtfulness in choosing such a unique wedding gift. Having you at our wedding made our special day that much more memorable. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. Thank you for being there for us.”

While you may want to exchange the wedding gift or return it, it is best not to mention this in the thank you card. You also don’t have to rave about how much you love the gift. Otherwise, the next time you see the gift giver, he/she will ask, “So, have you been using it often?” and put you into an even bigger bind. The lies will just keep getting bigger!