How do I tell friends they are not invited?

QuestionMy fianc√© and I are planning to have our wedding ceremony in St. Lucia and as it stands now, it’ll just be the two of us going. Unfortunately, we have family and friends who think they’re going to be invited but we’d like to keep this to just the two of us. We’ll be having a small reception or party when we get back, but until then, what do we say?

AnswerMany couples are now opting for destination weddings. Some invite a few close family and friends. Some decide to go alone. It is only natural that family and friends would expect to be invited to the ceremony since weddings are often seen as a joyous occasion shared among loved ones.

Be gentle and considerate when approaching family and friends with the news that you two will be going alone to your destination wedding. Thank them for their love and sincere wishes, but that you would both rather enjoy this sacred ceremony together. Let them know they’ll all be invited to the after wedding party once you both return from your destination wedding.

Whatever you do, avoid simply eloping without letting anyone know in advance as this may lead to many hurt feelings and misunderstandings. A little empathy and tact goes a long way.