How can I tell people about my wedding registry?

QuestionI am so confused over where and when to put my bridal registry info. I’ve been told to put it in the wedding invitations or the reception party invitations. Then, I was told to put it at the bottom of the directions to the church but if you do a separate invite for the reception you can also put it in there. Can the reception invitations be in with the wedding invitations as long as it is in a different envelope?

AnswerFor your bridal registry, it’s best NOT to put it into the wedding invitations or the reception invitations. It puts your guests on the defensive because they will now feel obligated to give you a gift (they were probably going to give you a gift anyway, but by putting the registry directly into the invitation, the gift now feels mandatory as opposed to something they wanted to do for you).

Traditionally, the best place to put bridal registry information is in the bridal shower invitations. Close family and friends can also help to spread the news to guests who may wonder where you are registered.

Yes, you can definitely put the reception invitations into the wedding invite!

It is preferable to avoid adding the bridal registry information on the bottom of the directions to the church (although it is the least intrusive of all the suggestions you’ve been given). If you have a wedding website, you can include your website on the directions or RSVP card and have the registry information on your wedding website. That way, guests that do want to know will be able to access it without feeling pressured as a “you must do this or else” kind of scenario.