How can I ask for a cash gift in the wedding invitation?

QuestionWe’d like to ask for cash gifts for our wedding but I’m not sure how to phrase it in our wedding invitations. I don’t know how to phrase it politely without sounding offensive. Is this appropriate to ask for a money wedding gift in the wedding invite?

AnswerI can really appreciate the preference for cash gifts from your wedding guests and depending on cultural customs, many of your wedding guests may already be planning on a cash wedding gift for you. Having said that, it is best to not to ask wedding guests for cash gifts in the wedding invitation. Generally speaking, wedding gifts have always been optional and not mandatory for wedding guests. To then ask for cash gifts in the wedding invite may give your wedding guests the impression that it is a “give me give me” wedding.

Have your network of close family, friends, and wedding party communicate your wish for monetary gifts. If you are asked directly by wedding guests, you can also let them know of your preference. Another option would be to have a wedding website with your wish for a wedding cash gift indicated on it with other fun details of your wedding.