Help! What if I forget what happens on my wedding day??

QuestionMy wedding day is fast approaching and there have been so many details that I have had to stress over. Now I’m worried because everyone says that the wedding day goes by so fast, what if I don’t remember it all? What if it all goes by in such a whirlwind that I don’t even enjoy it?


You have raised a very valid question and fear and you have every right to say it out loud. At the same time, be proud of the fact that you were brave enough to say it out loud in the first place. It’s not easy admitting that wedding planning is tough work or that the day you’ve been planning for so long may just pass you by. Now is the time to take a deep breath.

Know that by simply admitting this fear or worry, you’ve already won half the battle. It’s only when we face up to our fears that we can conquer them or, at least, begin the motions to prevent it all from happening.

Make a list of times for you and your husband to cherish the day (e.g. after the ceremony, early in the afternoon, before the

reception, during the reception) where you focus on nothing else but how the two of you are feeling. Give yourselves 15 – 30 minutes where you forget about all the things that have yet to happen during the day. Share hugs, kisses, stories, deep breathing exercises, jokes, whatever you please. Take the time to live the moment and to take it all in.

On the day of your wedding, designate a close friend or family member to be your time keeper. Give him/her the right to remind you to take ‘your break’ and if it looks as though you are both being bombarded by everything, have him/her step in to take you both away from it all for those brief moments. There will be plenty of time for you to deal with all the other stuff and if you’ve designated key players to help you out during the day, someone will be there, that you trust, to help you make some decisions.

In the meantime, it may also help you to read our “Wedding Wisdom” section for some more ideas and thoughts.