Groomsman with no bridesmaid, can he wear a tux and be in the photos?

QuestionOne groomsman has no bridesmaid. Can he wear a tux and be part of the wedding photos?

AnswerWhat many couples don’t know is that it isn’t mandatory to have an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. You are more than welcome to invite him to be part of the wedding party even if you don’t have a bridesmaid for him (so long as your bride is comfortable with it, of course). Your wedding party compilation will thus look a little different and would require some creative ways to dealing with more typical methods of practice.

For instance, if you are planning a church wedding and the wedding party is exiting out, one bridesmaid could have two groomsmen escort her down the aisle! Your friend would be in all the wedding photos as well as part of the wedding party. What you would need to do however, is communicate with your wedding photographer in advance so that he/she knows not to wait for the missing bridesmaid! In addition, you may want to have the wedding photographer choose novel ways of grouping the people in the bridal party to use the extra numbers to your advantage.