Final details for the photographer

QuestionMy wedding day is fast approaching and I think I’ve got it all covered. I have a photographer already. He knows when to be at the church and has an itinerary for the day. Is there anything else he needs to know?

AnswerYou are already ahead of the game by providing your photographer with an itinerary of the day’s events. Make sure he also has a list of “must have” photos that need to be taken with family and friends and of all the special events that will be taking place during the day. Let him know when guests give speeches, when the cake will be cut, and of course, when you and your husband have your first dance. Inform him of particular picture points inside the church and reception site that you really want to capture on film (e.g. the grand entrance, the chandelier, etc.). Be sure to tell your photographer to take close up shots of your wedding cake, the back of your gown, your bouquet, wedding favours, and any other delicate designs you have spent countless hours on.

Most importantly, you may want to assign a close trustworthy friend to assist the photographer. Provide your friend with the same list you gave the photographer. In the midst of snapping shots, it’s quite possible the photographer may overlook certain details. Your friend can help to redirect the photographer on an as needed basis (or to run and get more batteries!) Having a friend to assist the photographer will greatly reduce your stress level on the day of the wedding.