Faux lashes or not?

QuestionI have always loved the sultry look of long lashes. As I have very short lashes, I would like to wear fake ones on my wedding day to create my ideal look. What do you think?

AnswerLong lashes do tend to help enhance the romantic look around the eyes. Ideally, such lashes are best applied by an experienced makeup artist. Whether or not you choose to wear fake lashes on your wedding day will strongly depend on how much of a crier you are! If you are not keeping the makeup artist for the full day and you suspect that you may become very emotional, omit the faux lashes or they may fall off in the middle of the ceremony. The adhesive used to affix the lashes may also irritate sensitive skin. You can also create a similar seductive look using liquid eyeliner, an eyelash curler, and a few good coats of mascara. Let you makeup artist know what you envision for yourself. Of course, if crying isn’t an issue and neither is sensitive skin, by all means, experiment with all the many designs of faux lashes until you create the ultimate look!