Father of the bride is divorced with significant other. Can I send her a wedding invite or would that be considered rude?

QuestionThe bride’s parents are divorced and the father of the bride has a partner that he has been with for many years. As the bride, I’d like to send her a wedding invitation and acknowledge her relationship with my father. I worry that she may feel like a regular guest rather than being my father’s date if I do send her a wedding invite. Please help.

AnswerIn my humble opinion, I don’t think your father’s significant other will feel like a regular invited wedding guest as it is tradition to send wedding invitations to the parents and the wedding party. While you know they will be coming to the wedding, the wedding invitation acts as a wedding keepsake for them. If you fear she may get the wrong idea, you can include a personalized note to the effect of, “Diane, as it is tradition to send a wedding invitation to the parents, it is only proper and right that you and dad get one too! Much love, Mary and Ben.”