Do I have to ask my fiance’s sister?

QuestionI have a huge dilemma concerning who to ask to be my maid of honour. Do I have to ask my fiance’s sister to be my maid of honour? I am not very close to her and I would rather have a close friend stand beside me at the altar.

AnswerWhile this may put you in a slightly awkward position, you are not obligated to ask your fiance’s sister to be your maid of honour unless both of you share a very close and personal relationship.

There may, however, be unspoken expectations about who you may be asking to be your maid of honour. As is always the case, be sensitive to the potential feelings of your future sister-in-law. If you are not planning to have her in the bridal party, ask her to become involved in the wedding. You may want to consider asking her to be a key player or have her make a speech at the reception.