Daughter’s wedding. Who walks the bride down the aisle?

QuestionMy daughter is getting married. Her mother and I have both remarried, but I think her mother is pressuring her to have both her stepfather and I to walk her down the aisle. Who should be walking my daughter down the aisle at her wedding?

AnswerI can appreciate how difficult this situation must be for you and I can almost guarantee that your daughter feels the same way as she tries to find the best way to acknowledge her father and her stepfather in her wedding ceremony.

When parents are divorced, there are different ways that the bride can handle this scenario. Both the father and stepfather can walk her down the aisle simultaneously, one on each arm, (often chosen when both men are on good terms). The father can walk the bride down the aisle while the stepfather does a reading or has the first dance with her. Another option would be to have the stepfather walk her down half the aisle and then go to sit in the front pew while the father walks her to the altar. Your daughter may/not be aware of all these options. If you feel comfortable, consider having a chat with her regarding other possibilities.

A wedding is a rare and precious occasion, to be cherished with loved ones and remembered for all times. Regardless of how your daughter may have come up with the idea of having you and her stepfather walk her down the aisle, keep your role as a parent in mind and be there for her. To focus on what others may/not have done would be an injustice to you, your daughter, and your relationship with her.