Close family friend, expensive travel to the wedding. What’s an appropriate wedding gift?

QuestionWe have been invited to a wedding in the Toronto area. We live far away and it will be expensive for us with hotel accommodations and travel expenses. We are also very good friends of the bride’s parents. What would be an appropriate value for a wedding gift?

AnswerTravelling from afar to be at the wedding speaks volumes for how much you cherish the friendship with the bride’s parents. That being said, the cost of travel and accommodations are absorbed by the wedding guests.

Your wedding gift to the bride and groom will therefore be based on how much you are comfortable giving both financially and socially. In some cultures, a monetary gift is appropriate while in others a physical gift is more valued. You may also want to consider the cost per plate at the wedding reception. Another option would be to blend a monetary gift and augment it with a physical gift.