Charity Donation as a Wedding Favour

QuestionMy fianc√© and I are huge animal fans and we’d like to donate money, on behalf of our guests, to a charity instead of having wedding favours. How should I tell my guests?

AnswerThis is a generous gesture on behalf of your guests and there are several ways to showcase this at your wedding reception.

Contacting your charity of choice and you’d be surprised at what they may be able to offer you to spread the news. They may provide you with thank you cards or photos to display at your reception. Place photos/cards in prominent gathering areas at the reception (e.g. by the guest book or at each individual table). Consider using individual place cards at each setting with a personalized note.

Your displays should let guests know that in lieu of wedding favours, a monetary donation has been made on their behalf. Your charity will appreciate the gesture and so will your guests!