Can wedding guest wear mostly cream and brown dress to the wedding?

QuestionIs it appropriate for the wedding guest to wear a brown and cream (off white) dress to a wedding if the dress is more cream than brown?

AnswerThis is tricky because I don’t have the dress in front of me to visualize how it looks (sometimes, the cut of the dress will also factor into its appropriateness). My visualization of the cream/brown ratio may be very different from the actual dress itself.

Having said that, I do believe in ‘going with your gut’. If you’re uncomfortable or unsure of how the dress will been perceived by others at the wedding, then it is best to opt for a different dress. Another idea would be to wear a jacket/sweater/shawl on top of the dress to de-emphasize its more dominant cream colour. If you are close with the bride, have her take a look at your dress and give you her honest opinion on the suitability of wearing it to her wedding.

Wedding guests have a rainbow of colours to choose from when deciding what to wear for a wedding while the bride really only has the ‘white’ spectrum to pick from (assuming she’s going the traditional route). If you think it may clash with the bride’s wedding dress, take some time out, grab a java and enjoy looking for a new outfit to wear to the wedding.