Can the bride’s gown and bridesmaids dresses look similar?

QuestionHow similar can the bride’s gown and the bridesmaid dresses be without looking awkward? Can both be strapless and layered?

AnswerIt is perfectly acceptable to have the bride’s wedding gown and the bridesmaid dresses look similar without appearing awkward as there are many ways to differentiate between the two.

The bride’s wedding dress, for instance, tends to be a shade of white while the bridesmaid dresses will be a different colour. The bridesmaid dresses can also showcase an additional accent colour while being strapless and layered (e.g. gold belt, pink accent trim, have one of the layers in a different colour). The bouquets will also help to define two different and complementary looks.

Thus, the bride and bridesmaid dresses can be similar without looking awkward provided there are distinct differences to separate the two looks.