Can I use ivy in my wedding bouquet?

QuestionI was told that having ivy in the bridal bouquet is a big no-no. What traditional rules are there in place for the bouquet? What plants and flowers are acceptable or not acceptable?

AnswerTraditionally, ivy means fidelity – a very positive symbol for weddings! The only exception may be if ivy is offensive in your culture. If it is, then you may want to avoid using it in your bridal bouquet.

Many brides will often want some ivy in their bouquet so they can later transfer that ivy into a pot and let it continue to grow as a symbol of their new lives together with their husbands.

Ivy is frequently used for cascade bouquets, but a good florist can use ivy in any bouquet style that you please.

When considering what flowers to have in your wedding bouquets, look at what meanings certain flowers have for you personally, regardless of their original meaning.

If, for instance, your fiancé always gave you roses, then roses may be a really good choice for your bridal bouquet. On the other hand, if a past ex-boyfriend gave you lilies, then you may not want to be reminded of him on your wedding day.

Another consideration is colour. Depending on the colour scheme for your wedding, you may have many flower options or you may have very few. Choose flowers that will match your wedding dress and the colour palette for your wedding. The only flowers you may want to avoid are carnations.

Check with your wedding party for allergies to certain plants. Another great way to decide what to have in your bridal bouquet will be to see what flowers are in season. Using seasonal flowers will cost you much less and the result will be a stunning wedding bouquet.

Remember, you can also accessorize your wedding bouquet with a little sparkle and jazz! Try brooches, rhinestones, hairpins, and ribbon.