Can I have a groomsman with no partner?

QuestionI have an extra groomsman with no partner who I want to be involved in my wedding as he is a very special friend to me and my family. What can he do?

AnswerThere are a variety of things that your groomsmen in general can do. I’ve copied you a link to an article on our site that highlights typical wedding responsibilities that the groomsmen usually attend to.

Duties of the Groomsmen Before the Wedding Day

In addition, whether or not your groomsmen has a partner will not really affect the types of responsibilities you give him since the only time they are with the bridesmaids directly is during photo shoots. Depending on the culture of your family and the bride’s, the groomsmen could be circulating and mingling with the wedding guests on the wedding day, escorting guests to the table, along with all the other tasks mentioned in the article. What your groomsmen do will ultimately depend on your comfort level with the level of responsibility attributed to each task (e.g. a more detailed oriented task would be best suited for the groomsmen that has those characteristics).