Can female guest wear a white suit to the wedding?

QuestionI need some advice on the appropriateness of wearing a white suit (jacket and skirt) with black hat shoes and purse to a wedding ceremony in the fall.

I’ve always been told “NEVER wear white to a wedding. The bride is the only one to wear white on her wedding day”. I’ve also been told “NEVER wear white after Labour Day weekend”. All the fashion shows and fashion magazines say that it is very much acceptable now to wear white into the fall and winter months.

What should I do? Can I wear the white suit to the wedding or not?

AnswerOne, I would definitely NOT wear the white suit to the wedding. If you’d like to wear the suit to a work function or another event, by all means, do so even if it is after Labour Day because new fashion trends have made it acceptable to wear white after this ceremonious day.

Opt for another colour choice to wear to the wedding because white should still be worn only by the bride. It is her big day after all. The bride has spent countless hours and dollars to make her wedding day happen. Wedding guests have a huge rainbow of colours to choose from while brides tend to choose from the ‘white’ spectrum.

Choose a colour that is flattering for you and respectful to the bride.