As the bride, what time should I arrive?

QuestionWhat is the proper etiquette for when I should arrive to my own bridal shower? Should I show up early to greet the guests as they come in or do I show up later?

AnswerThere is no defined time for when a bride should arrive to her own bridal shower. Consider what may work best for your shower.

If most of the guests know one another, then it won’t really matter what time you show up since they will all feel comfortable to chat and mingle with one another. If however, most of them are unfamiliar with one another or, your hostess is a bit antsy and gets nervous hosting a big crowd, then you may want to show up earlier. After all, the guests are there to see you!

Having said all that, if you do arrive earlier to the bridal shower, it would be best to greet the guests away from the entrance. Let the host of the bridal shower be the first one to greet them. This will prevent guests from feeling as though you are running your own bridal shower.