As father of the bride’s girlfriend, where should I sit at the church wedding ceremony?

QuestionThe father of the bride is my boyfriend. The bride’s mother will be involved at the wedding and will be at the church wedding ceremony. I have been invited to the wedding ceremony. As the girlfriend of the father of the bride, where should I be sitting at the wedding ceremony? The bride and I get along but I don’t want to make it uncomfortable for anyone.

AnswerWhere divorced parents will sit at the wedding ceremony partly depends on current family dynamics. If, for instance, both divorced parents have not remarried and are on good terms, they could certainly sit at the front pew together. In this instance, other options are available. The parent that raised the bride would sit in the front pew and the other parent sits in the third pew. Grandparents and siblings usually sit in the second pew.

Consider how long you have been together with the bride’s father. That will help to determine where you should be sitting at the church wedding ceremony. Would it be proper for you to sit with him in the third pew (assuming, for instance, that mom was the one who predominantly raised the future bride)? If you’ve been together for many years, then it would seem more likely than if you’ve only been dating for a few months. If the relationship is relatively new, it would perhaps be more practical to sit in the fourth, fifth, or sixth rows which are generally for close relatives and friends or mature guests of the bride.

At this time, it would be ideal to have a chat with the future bride to also gauge her feelings and her thoughts. Determine what might make her wedding day a little smoother.