Are we supposed to send a wedding invitation to our parents?

QuestionMy fianc√© and I are getting married in a relaxed ceremony at his parent’s house. Are we are still supposed to send them a wedding invitation?

AnswerWhat a great question to ask. Everyone seems to talk about wedding invitations but no one mentions what they’re supposed to do for their parents. Do you send your parents a wedding invitation when they already know to be at the wedding? They’re your parents!

To answer your question, yes, do send them a wedding invitation. This goes for your parents and all principal people in your wedding (i.e. the wedding party, the officiant and his/her spouse). Although they’ve all been invited informally and know to be there, it’s best to send them a wedding invitation as dictated by traditional wedding etiquette. The parents, in particular, will especially want the wedding invitation as a keepsake. If you feel awkward about doing this (since it may seem redundant for you to do so), try saying, “Mom, dad, here’s our wedding invitation. I thought you’d like to have it as a keepsake for the wedding.”