Rectangle Figure

The perfect wedding dress is waiting for you. Read our handy wedding dress guidelines for your body type.

My figure is like a ‘rectangle’. what’s the best wedding dress for me?

You know your body best. If you have what may be considered a “rectangle” figure, the proportions of your chest and hips are similar with minimal waist definition, thus creating the ‘rectangle’ silhouette.

Note: this figure looks at the proportions of your chest, waist, and hip area. Therefore, women of many different sizes may be blessed with a rectangle figure!

Here are a few suggestions for finding the perfect wedding dress for you.

  • Your ideal wedding dress will be one that creates a shapely silhouette for you.
  • Opt for full, billowing skirts.
  • Consider open necklines (e.g. jewel, bateau) that will help to emphasize your upper region and widen your shoulders. Depending on your taste, pouf sleeves may also be an option.
  • Elaborate beading in the shoulder area (e.g. on cap sleeves) will also have a similar effect. Note: if you are using beading or other adornments, use them either on the top half of the gown or the bottom, but not on the entire gown.
  • Horizontal detailing will help to draw the eye across the torso region and deflect attention from your vertical body line.
  • An empire waistline on your wedding gown will help to create a shapely silhouette.
  • For your wedding dress to hold its form, (and therefore help you maintain a shapely silhouette) consider using such fabric as silk dupioni, organza, or taffeta.
  • Avoid slim fitting wedding gowns in soft fabrics that will drape on your frame.
  • Likewise, avoid vertical detailing on your wedding gown.

Keep in mind: Love your body because we are all unique. Use these suggestions as guidelines since many wedding dress designers have full liberty to create, invent, and mix and match styles.