Petite Figure

Are you petite and searching for your perfect wedding dress? Before you go shopping, read our petite wedding dress tips for your body type.

Petite Figure Wedding Dress

You know your body best. If you are petite in figure, here are a few suggestions for finding the perfect wedding dress for you.

  • Simplicity is paramount when you are petite as over-embellished gowns have a tendency to overpower and overwhelm. The goal is to provide one elongated line for the eye to flow, giving the impression of grace and height without added bulk or division. A wedding gown with a distinct division (e.g. an ornate bodice and a full skirt) will separate your body into two different sections, and create a stockier appearance.
  • In keeping with the simplicity theory, avoid large ball gown type wedding gowns or wedding dresses with excessive billowing fabric. The ball gown silhouette will make you appear shorter as it also divides the body into two distinct sections. Belts and waist seams have a similar effect.
  • Avoid detailing at the hem or bottom of the wedding gown as it will also make you appear shorter.
  • Various wedding gown silhouettes will embrace the illusion of height to your frame. Opt for: sheath, A-line style, Princess style, and an empire waist will all work well for you.
  • If you are slim and petite, the sheath silhouette may be particularly flattering for you.
  • Consider an open neckline such as the strapless or the off-the-shoulder styles to emphasize your face and lengthen your upper torso. Depending on the season that you are getting married and your comfort level, a high neckline may also work for you as it will also lengthen a short torso.
  • Play with your style of sleeves. Depending on the shape of your arms, ¾ length sleeves will add the illusion of height, but short sleeves will also work well. Are you the daring and romantic type? Try a sleeveless gown with long gloves!

Keep in mind: Love your body because we are all unique. Use these suggestions as guidelines since many wedding dress designers have full liberty to create, invent, and mix and match styles.