2 – 3 weeks before the wedding day

  • Finalize seating plan. Call guests who have not returned RSVPs
  • Have your final dress fitting
  • Pick up gown and hang in cool dry place, avoiding sunlight
  • Confirm details with all vendors
  • Arrange times for key players to pick up items they are responsible for (e.g. who will bring the wine, the favours, etc.)
  • Confirm date for rehearsal dinner with the key players and bridal party. Write your toast for the rehearsal dinner
  • Write a special thank you for the reception, if you desire
  • Begin packing for the honeymoon
  • Leave honeymoon itinerary with someone in case of emergency

Wedding Wisdom…

  • Make sure all gifts are wrapped and special notes are written for the key players and the bridal party.
  • Make sure the rings fit.
  • Remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • You and your fiancé are experts at using those stress-buster skills. Give yourselves a big pat on the back!
  • Admire yourself. Admire your fiancé. You two are wonderful, beautiful people in love. There’s definitely something to smile about. Shower your fiancé with kisses!

1 week before the wedding day