12+ Months Before The Wedding Day

  • Announce your engagement
  • Arrange for parents to meet and chat
  • Decide on a date
  • Choose members of the bridal party
  • Discuss budget with all those who will be contributing
  • Discuss with your fiancé about what both of you want and don’t want for the wedding
  • Visit different ceremony sites and meet with the officiant
  • Visit various reception sites and discuss plans with manager. Begin search for caterer, if catering onsite is unavailable
  • Interview wedding consultants if you plan to use one
  • Think about guest list to get preliminary head count
  • Decide with your fiancé ways to deal with stress from the wedding planning process

Wedding Wisdom…

  • Cultural traditions that may influence your wedding (e.g. choice of dates, use of certain colours).
  • Possible themes for the wedding.
  • Maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Living arrangements after the wedding.
  • Ideas about your gown, bouquet, favours, and other bridal details which are particularly important for you.
  • Who will choose the design of the bridesmaid dresses?
  • Try to do something wedding-related 30 minutes a day.
  • The small loving moments between you and your fiancé. After all, the smallest gestures of love can bring forth the most pleasure to a cloudy day.

The day before the Wedding