1 Week Before The Wedding Day

  • Place the fees due on the wedding day into envelopes. Give to the key players
  • Have your final dress fitting
  • Complete packing for the wedding
  • Complete packing for the honeymoon
  • Remind groom to pick up the tux
  • Finalize details of rehearsal dinner
  • Go to the rehearsal at the ceremony site
  • Enjoy the rehearsal dinner!

Wedding Wisdom…

  • Ensure your key players have each other’s contact information and are aware and comfortable with their responsibilities.
  • Trust.
  • Remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Share your stress-buster techniques with other couples who are soon to wed. They will appreciate it!
  • Spend time looking into your fianc√©’s eyes. Tell each other 3 things you really love about one another.

The day before the Wedding