Will you use the photography services of a business or freelancer?

Submitted by: staff at www.harleychow.com

First of all, the most glaring difference between booking services with a wedding studio and commissioning a freelance photographer is the price. The business run service will charge more because of overhead and marketing costs. Secondly, the photo packages offered by the studios and that of a freelance photographer vary in flexibility and customization. Tradition wedding festivities of some cultures lasts for several days, a freelance photographer may be willing to spread his/her time over two days and provide an appropriate fee whereas a studio may charge the package price for two days. With these points in mind, how do you decide what services are right for your big day?

Look at your needs. Consider your budget. Make a list of all the important moments you want captured to judge what package or pricing you will need. Ask questions. Request to see the photographer’s previous wedding photography. Keep in mind that skill and style differ, are you seeking formal or candid photography?

There are legitimate worries when hiring a photographer; some common concerns include reliability and skill. Most of us will say that a freelance service is riskier as you do not have much recourse if they do not show up to capture your big day. What most of us do not know is that wedding studios often hire freelance photographers to represent the company. This does not necessarily mean that the caliber of work is not as high as that of a professional photographer. Sometimes the only difference between a professional photographer and a freelance photographer is that one earns a living with a company and the other works independently. A good wedding studio will use freelance photographers they trust and can deliver the goods as their company name goes on the line and they do not want to deal with irate customers. The most important factors in deciding who to hire for your wedding day are budget and photographer.

When choosing a service, consider these questions. What credentials do they have? Does the photographer have much experience in wedding photography? Are they passionate about photography? Are you satisfied with their previous work? What type of gear do they shoot with and will they be able to provide enough lighting for indoor pictures? If they shoot digital, is he/she proficient in using Photoshop to colour correct or enhance shots? What are the terms of the agreement?

Regardless of what you choose, make sure you book in advance to get the photographer you want. Take your time to plan and decide what your budget for wedding photography is and ask the questions necessary in determining whether the photographer is the right one to shoot your wedding day.