Diamond Colors and Their Meanings: What You Should Know Before You Buy

Becoming engaged can be one of the most exciting things to occur in an individual’s life. It means a commitment designed to last a lifetime…the start of a family…a symbol of enduring love. While some grooms enjoy surprising their brides-to-be with a spectacular diamond, others prefer shopping for engagement rings with their betrothed in tow.

Before you make the all-important decision of which ring to buy, it’s a good idea to know the meanings behind the various types and color of diamonds. That way, your ring can have special symbolic significance.

For instance, a pink diamond is one of the world’s rarest diamonds, so it is highly prized. The “natural pink fancy” is a pink diamond that has been formed by natural processes. As a result, a pink diamond engagement ring can be quite an expensive expression of affection-a light pink Agra diamond recently sold at auction for nearly seven million dollars.

It has been said that pink diamonds promote creative expression. Therefore, they are the perfect diamond for a woman for a creative bent, such as a writer or dancer. Consequently, it’s not surprising that pink diamonds are so beloved.

But what if you want to convey the idea that your bride is thoughtful and considerate? Diamond experts say the yellow diamond is the perfect choice. Meanwhile, if you want to promote peace and serenity in your communications with your new bride, consider a blue diamond. The blue diamond is also associated with the concept of good health.

If though, you believe your bride is a source of strength for you and represents stability in your life, invest in a red diamond. The red diamond is also considered to be a major stress-reliever-meaning that it could be helpful to your emotional well-being during your marriage.

By selecting a diamond that goes with your bride’s personality, you are making a powerful statement: You love not only your beloved bride, but everything she represents. If you select the right diamond, chances are your bride will treasure it always as the ultimate symbol of your love and affection.

Article by Adam O’Connor, Men’s Celtic Wedding Bands