Wedding Etiquette

There will always be questions, especially when it relates to wedding etiquette and subtle details. This section provides answers for queries that may pester a busy bride's mind.

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How do I say "We prefer cash" in the wedding invitation?

My fiancé and I just recently made a lot of expensive purchases (ie. new home). We'd like to ask our guests...?

She is pregnant, what do I do?

I want to ask a good friend to be a bridesmaid at my wedding. Only thing is, she is pregnant and by the wedding day, she will be ready...?

What are the rules for seating arrangements?

I'm currently in the process of working out the seating arrangements. Are there any rules or special considerations I need to keep in mind...?

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Cakes: Last minute cake shortage
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Church Seating: Does it have to go according to family lines?
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Invitations: The groom's parents are also paying for the weddin ...?
Jack and Jill: What is a Jack and Jill? What should I do for them ...?
Maid of Honour: Does it have to reciprocate?
Maid of Honour: My best friend is a man! Can he be my maid of hono ...?
Maid of Honour: Can I have more than one maid of honour?
Maid of Honour: Do I have to ask my fiance's sister?
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Mothers: Do their outfits match the wedding party?
Mothers: Who chooses their gowns?
Mothers: Which one chooses her gown first?
Mothers: My plans are made and she wants to help!
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Music: My fiance and I clash on our music styles.
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Rehearsal Dinner: Who is invited to the rehearsal dinner?
Rehearsal Dinner: Who should host the rehearsal dinner?
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Second Marriage: My father is deceased, who can walk bride down the ...?
Second Marriage: What is an appropriate wedding gift for a second m ...?
Second Marriage: I have a party for friends after the honeymoon?
Second Marriage: Can I wear a black at my own wedding?
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Thank you cards: How do you thank someone for a gift you don't want ...?
Wedding Dress: Fabric for wedding in colder weather
Wedding Dress: Fabric for a summer wedding
Wedding Dress: Do I have to wear white?
Wedding Dress: Can the bride's gown and bridesmaids dresses look ...?
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