Remember you

Yes, you. Life in the busy hubbub of Toronto is so fast paced. We’re so busy we forget to take care of ourselves and place ourselves at the top of the priority list. We stay late at work to meet deadlines, eat fast food or microwaveables because we’re too tired to cook a healthy meal. We drink a ton of coffee and let’s not even talk about junk food that we eat on the run. We stay up late because our minds have already started to race about what we have to do the next day. And then you add on the planning of a wedding? Could it get any crazier?

You may be experiencing a mixed jumble of feelings as your wedding day approaches. So, how are you really feeling? Aside from the hectic buzz of the planning, have you thought about what it means to you, to be “single” and “married”? How about the term “wife” and “husband”?

Your wedding day will be the beginning of a new stage in your life. You may consider it the birth of your “own family”. You may feel as though you’re assuming new responsibilities. You’re now also a member of your husband’s family as well as your own.

That’s a lot of change for anyone. So, could it be possible that you might feel strained about all of this? Of course! And, you have every right to feel that way, if that’s how your emotions play at that time. Remember, you are completely entitled to whatever feelings you may have. Bear in mind too though, you are still the same you. You haven’t changed; you’ve only grown and flourished with this unison. If you’ve always loved comedies, you still will. And, your love of chocolate will always remain too. Think of it this way. A brand new candy store has opened just for you and you have the option of loving chips, gummy worms, and more, options you never had before.

So, amidst all of this, remember to take time for yourself. Put yourself on the top of that list. If you’re feeling tense, acknowledge it, appreciate it and pamper yourself to a spa treatment. If you need to clear your head to tune into your inner self, why not take a stroll along the boardwalk or Harbourfront? Grab some trusty friends for a “wedding-free” night. Go eat at your favourite restaurant and discuss everything but the wedding. Sometimes, it’s about taking a step back. Then, you can look at it again, with fresh eyes. Putting yourself at the top of the list will go a long way in making you feel sane and at ease.

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