Remember the big picture

Yes, it will be a big day, regardless of the size of your wedding. Your wedding day signifies a vital development in your life as you grow from being a wonderful individual to being a member of a loving and caring partnership.

At the end of the wedding day, the little annoying bits will all slide away. The fact that “Aunt Jane” didn’t like her chicken or that “Uncle Bob” wanted to sit with “Uncle Joe” really do lose their importance as you realize and embrace all the great things that did occur on your big day.

Think of all the family and friends that came together to celebrate your marriage to your fiancé. Although everyone has their own busy agendas, each person set aside this time, in their lives, to be with you and your fiancé. They are telling you that, at this moment, your marriage and happiness means the world to them. For those who could not attend your wedding, rest assured that you were in their thoughts and in their hearts. To be able to bring all these people together, out of love, is a very special accomplishment that should not be forgotten.

While we all like to put on a good show, at the end of all the chaos and stress, keep in mind that it is objectively only one day. Subjectively, you may have felt like you’ve been planning your entire life time for this one day and as a result, this may feel like the biggest day of your life. The big days have yet to come! The magic does not stop at the end of the wedding night. Look forward to all those loving memories you and your husband will build together. Your similarities will bond you and your differences will complement both you and your husband.

Remember the love in your husband’s eyes. Remember the smiles. Remember the kiss. Remember the reason why you did all of this in the first place. And, start practicing to say the word “husband”!

Admit and appreciate your feelings
Expect stress
Expect negativity
Expect to deal with family
Expect the unexpected
Remember you
Remember the big picture