Expect the unexpected

When you least expect it, that’s when it happens. You’re in the big white gown and “oops” you know what decides it’s that time of the month and it isn’t going to take a rain check for any reason. If you mentally prepare that there will be surprises along the way, you won’t be caught off guard, or at least, not as much as you would have been if you had just assumed everything would go super smooth. People may get delayed in traffic, the cake may melt, or maybe one of the toilets at the hall goes out of order. And yes, it is likely that someone will need a safety pin.

Take charge. Don’t let one thing ruin the whole day. That is just not worth it, especially because you know how many hours you’ve spent on planning. So, here are some tips that may make your wedding go a little smoother:

1. Create an emergency kit for yourself. Let a bridesmaid or close friend be responsible for it, someone you’ll see often during the day. Consider including such items as:

  • feminine products
  • clear deodorant
  • nail polish (in case the panty hose gets a run),
  • safety pins (in case the groom’s pants get a bust),
  • tissue (in case you get teary),
  • gum and mints (for in-close hugs and kisses),
  • water (you’ll probably get thirsty),
  • bandaids

2. Have key players. Decide who will be the key players on the day of your wedding. Remember that bridesmaids and groomsmen are often included in photos and are in receiving lines. If you give them too many duties, they may not be able to attend to them all. Instead, choose a group of gals and guys who will be delegated the special tasks for the day. Consider:

  • Who will watch your gowns, your bouquet, or the money box?
  • Who will be in charge at the ceremony if there isn’t enough seating?
  • Who will be in charge at the reception?
  • Who will be the designated person to go to the store if you need a bottle of water?
  • If the room is too hot, who will ask for the air conditioning to be turned higher?
  • Who will make final decisions if you and your fiancé are too busy to deal with seating arrangements?

Plan ahead so you and your fiancé won’t have to worry about anything. Just smile!

3. Make packages. Type out the duties of the key players and include phone numbers. Give each key player a package. This way, each player will be able to maintain contact without having to go through you directly.

4. Bring umbrellas. Consider keeping umbrellas handy if you think it may rain. If you have an autumn wedding, this will be particularly crucial for you.

5. Take a towel. To protect your gown as you re-touch your makeup, have a towel handy that is large enough to cover the front of your gown.

6. Learn how to clean stains. Ask the bridal salon, where you purchased your gown, on how to clean stains that may occur during the day.

7. Bring running shoes. When you’re in the limo or if you have a full length gown, consider having an alternate pair of shoes that you can change into. This will give time for your feet to relax and not get too cramped up from all the standing you will most likely be doing as you take photos and shake hands. Running shoes would be great for the dance floor!

8. Stay focused. Remember the most important part of this day is that you and your loved one are starting a new chapter together. No matter what happens, it will not change the fact that you both love each other. Nothing can take that away from you. If you remember this, you can laugh off almost anything else that could happen that day. Take it all in stride and think of all the laughter you’ll both share in the days to come!

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