Expect Stress

Regardless of what event you plan, there will always be some sort of stress caused by juggling all those decisions. Should organizing your wedding be any different? Not really!

Stress is like one big giant storm cloud, hanging over your every move. Everything underneath is overshadowed by a dark and overbearing gloom. Not only that, it also alters your entire outlook, adding doubt and uncertainty to the logical and level-headed woman that you used to be. Deciding on the floral arrangement of your bouquet was so simple until stress made it feel like a ton of bricks.

If you do feel stressed, admit that it is affecting you. Acknowledging it gives you the power to deal with the stress and stops it from clouding your decisions. You have given yourself the strength to say, “Yes, I am planning my wedding and I am stressed. Why shouldn’t I be? I have every right to be stressed. I’ve got a ton of things to do. But, you know what? I have dealt with a million other things before. So, if I can get all that done, I can and will succeed at all this wedding planning too. It’ll be a great wedding regardless because ultimately, I love my fianc√© and he loves me. And that’s all that really matters.”

Try to have fun amidst the stress. Instead of making your list of priorities at home, why not do it while relaxing with a cup of tea in Yorkville? How about going to the Danforth for some Greek food with your bridesmaids to hash out plans? Try exercising when you have the time. Yoga and deep breathing techniques will further help you to cope with the stress.

So, expect the stress. In the end, you may feel it and maybe you won’t. Expecting the stress doesn’t mean you won’t get stressed, but it does mean that you’ll be better equipped to deal with it when it does hit. At least, you saw the stress coming and that’s the key factor between losing and winning the battle.

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