Expect Negativity

As you are planning your wedding, you’ll meet lots of people, family, and friends who will be overjoyed by your announcement. At times though, you may notice that some are less perky than you’d expect them to be, maybe even downright negative and condescending.

It’s only natural that you’ll come across someone who’s already having a bad day and can’t imagine how you could possibly be that happy while they’re miserable about their job, relationship, or any other plaguing thoughts. Maybe the sales rep wasn’t very helpful because he/she was preoccupied about paying off tuition fees. Maybe a friend spends more time complaining about the flowers than actually helping you to choose the right bouquet because she’s PMSing. She may also be just stressed on your behalf and in attempting to find the best for you, the words come out less than perfect!

Let’s face it. You may want and hope that everyone will greet you and treat you with smiles and positive constructive comments. In reality though, there is no guarantee on how people will act on a daily basis, regardless of whether or not you’re planning your wedding. Expecting negativity gives you the ability to rationalize, “I understand that I’m going through a very busy and blissful time and it’s okay that not everyone is feeling the same way because we all carry our own bag of dirt.” While this does not mean that others have the right to “dump” their negativity on you, it does mean that you can better externalize their comments instead of internalizing them and getting hurt along the way.

So, prepare yourself and expect that you may come across some pessimism. Focus on the positive and think of all the great memories to come! Think of all the blessings you have already received and look forward to a bright new future with your fiancé.

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