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Jo Gartin’s Top Tips for an Inspired Wedding By Jo Gartin

Author of Jo Gartin’s Weddings: An Inspiring Guide for the Stylish Bride

Getting Started:

  • Take a moment to prioritize each element of your wedding in order of importance to you. This will help you to distribute your budget accordingly.
  • Start a wedding scrapbook filled with magazine clippings that catch your eye to serve as a visual reference for your vendors.

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Will you use the photography services of a business or freelancer?

Submitted by: staff at

First of all, the most glaring difference between booking services with a wedding studio and commissioning a freelance photographer is the price. The business run service will charge more because of overhead and marketing costs. Secondly, the photo packages offered by the studios and that of a freelance photographer vary in flexibility and customization. Tradition wedding festivities of some cultures lasts for several days, a freelance photographer may be willing to spread his/her time over two days and provide an appropriate fee whereas a studio may charge the package price for two days. With these points in mind, how do you decide what services are right for your big day?

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Diamond Colors and Their Meanings: What You Should Know Before You Buy

Becoming engaged can be one of the most exciting things to occur in an individual’s life. It means a commitment designed to last a lifetime…the start of a family…a symbol of enduring love. While some grooms enjoy surprising their brides-to-be with a spectacular diamond, others prefer shopping for engagement rings with their betrothed in tow. – Continue Reading

Traditional Customs vs Modern Ideas.

Submitted by: Myrtle Liew, of Heart to Heart Designs,
Professionally written by Craig Sebastiano for Heart to Heart Designs

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Dorota’s Helpful Beauty Tips

Submitted by: Dorota Buczel

Make-up starts with great skin. Heres a list of things you should keep in mind and avoid a few days before the wedding: – Continue Reading

Have Makeup. Will Travel.Professional do it yourself makeup tips you can bring to any wedding location.

Submitted by:Susan Kirsch, of Kirsch Cosmetic Clinic

If paying someone to apply your wedding day makeup doesn’t fit into your budget or if your remote wedding location doesn’t have anyone sufficiently qualified to give you that professional look – Susan Kirsch, professional makeup artist and owner of Kirsch Cosmetic Clinic in Toronto, has easy, do-it-yourself tips, that with practice, will ensure flawless beauty for any bride. Please allow 30 minutes for perfection.

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Embroidered wedding wear

Submitted by:Tara Kelly – Chic Wedding Boutique

Embroidered wedding wear is the newest trend in Hollywood and is now making its way to Canada. Some of Hollywood’s hottest stars have been spotted in the personalized embroidered wedding duds. Stars like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson have made these glam items a ‘must have’ for all newly engaged girls and their bridal parties.

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How to Select the Right Wedding Dress for your Body Shape

Tips, Themes and Styles for Your Special Day
Article by Leigh O’Connor, Discount Wedding Dress

There are millions of wedding dresses from which to choose. How do you choose the dress that will fit your unique body shape best? The first step in finding the right dress for you is to determine what body shape you have. This is your special day, and your dress should fit your body style perfectly. Here are some tips that will help you in your quest to find the perfect dress.

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First Comes Friendship, Then Comes Marriage

By Aurelie Sheehan
Author of History Lesson for Girls

This month my husband and I are celebrating our eighth anniversary — safely and well beyond the Seven Year Itch. We have a good marriage, and much to celebrate. What makes it work? I dont know — luck, probably. Or maybe its because it resembles, more than the relationships Ive had with some men, the neglected, yet deeply important bond I shared with my childhood best friend.

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Choosing Your First Home

Laurin & Natalie Jeffrey (Sales Representatives)
Right At Home Realty Inc., Brokerage |
416-318-7917 | 416-388-1960

There are many factors involved in choosing your first home or condo. We have drawn up a list of potential issues that you need to consider before getting out there and searching for that perfect place.

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